Ruby my Python?

I was remote-sprinting with Walter S. Lasecki (a.k.a. "the 36-hour-long-day-super-hacker") the other day...

We had been working in short, intense bursts for a couple of days now, and on one of those occasions I had written a python tool for him that implemented some of his magic while he was doing something else.

This time we were working in parallel, sharing tasks on the same box, and he asked for said tool. I copied it for him (it took some embarrasing find commands) and he started tweaking it while I promptly moved on to a different thing.

A couple of minutes later, he pings me saying something like "I'm maybe tired, but what the hell did you do to that script...". I jump right into the code and started reading. To my surprise, there were a bunch of puts and #{var} sprinkled here and there. This is a python script, remember?

So I go, "dude, did you just tried to ruby my python?" We should have twittered the hell out of it.

Por Elvio Rogelio Toccalino

Professional programmer, enthusiast hacker, mad entrepreneur